Technical Specification of Ball Valve

Ball Valve - Technical Specification

Size Range 15 NB through 300 NB
Pressure Rating ANSI/BS 150#, 300#, 600#
Type 3 piece / 2 Piece / 1Piece / Fire Safe / Non Fire Safe
End Connection Flanged / Screwed / Socket Weld
Operation Wrench / Manual/ Gear / Pneumatic
Port Opening Full / Regular
Seat PTFE/ Carbon or Glass / Filled Teflon / Graphite
Wedge / Disc / BallFloating/ Trunnion mounted
Gasket & Packing PTFE / Glass Filled / Teflon / Graphite
MOC Refer Material Chart
Design Code BS - 5351
Testing API 598
Inspection 3rd Party/ Client/ Manufacturer
Material of Construction
Name of PartsCarbon SteelStainless Steel
Body & ConnectorsA-105 or A216 Gr. WCBA351 Gr. CF8 or CF8M
BallASTM A-351 Gr. CF8A351 Gr. CF8 or CF8M
StemAISI-304AISI-304 or AISI-316
SeatsVirgin/Glass Filled Carbon Filled PTFEVirgin/Glass Filled Carbon Filled PTFE
SealsGlass Filled PTFEGlass Filled PTFE

Dimension in mm

Size150#  300#
2512710811.17916x4 17612417.58919x4
4016512714.39816x4 19115620.611422x4
5017815215.912119x4 21616522.212719x8
6519117817.514019x4 24119025.414922x8
8020319119.115219x4 28321028.616822x8
10022922923.819119x8 30525431.820022x8
12525525423.821622x8 38128034.923522x8
15026727925.424122x8 40331836.527022x12
20029234328.629822x8 41938141.333025x12
25033040630.236225x12 45744547.638729x16
30035648331.843225x12 50252150.845132x16